Book of Escomb

A Chance Meeting….. “On a cold winter weekend, the Northumbrian Scribes came as guests of the congregation of the Saxon Church Escomb. The ancient church, built at the end of the seventh century (670-690AD), was converted into a scriptorium and the Scribes set to work on texts, some of their own choosing and others commissioned by members of the congregation. The project was the result of a chance meeting in the church between Nicholas Beddow (the vicar) and Norma Smale, the widow of Allan Smale, who had been one of the Scribes. This work is dedicated to his memory and produced to the Glory of God. 

book of escomb

The Book of Escomb is a selection of texts and writings in the Northumbrian tradition of illuminated manuscripts. The finest example of such writing can be seen in the Lindisfarne Gospels in the British Library, produced in honour of St. Cuthbert, the patron Saint of the North-East of England and whose body is enshrined in Durham Cathedral. The Northumbrian Scribes are part of a revival of interest in this form of religious art.” (Rev. Nicholas Beddow, Editor) 

‘The Book of Escomb’ is available from the church or via email    

Hard back £14.80 
Soft back £ 4.80

An additional £1 for postage and packing 

A Gaelic Prayer

One of the prayers in the Book of Escomb is this ancient Gaelic prayer that is used as a theme prayer by the congregation at Escomb.“The church is known as ‘the Saxon Church’ but the feel of the place, with its circular churchyard and origins lost in the mists of time, is as much Celtic as it is Saxon. In our relationship with God, there is always mystery. We do not know all the answers and there are times when we cannot see clearly, but if we hold His hand and feel His presence in the darkness, it is enough.” (Rev. Nick Beddow, Editor of The Book of Escomb.)

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