Vicars of Escomb

The chapelry of Escomb had been attached to the parish St Andrew’s Auckland since the time of Bishop Bek (1283-1310) and there were few resident vicars until the growth of the village in the 19th century.

The present vicarage was built at the top of the hill in 1848-9 and the Victorian church opposite in 1863. Until 1877, when Witton Park became a separate parish with its own church, the parish of Escomb included Escomb, Witton Park, Woodside and part of Etherley Lane. Written church records began in 1543. Vicars ministering in Escomb were often referred to as curates and are listed below, the dates being the beginning of each minister’s incumbency.

Rev Richard Deimel 2011 -

1575                John Robson

1578                Thomas Man

1586                William Damport

?                      Richard Adamson

1639                Robert Thompson

1662                Thomas Trotter

1663                Jacob Gregg

1666                Stephen Hegge

1671                Thomas Bell

1673                Thomas Slack

1678                Ralph Wren A.B

1687                Thomas Wright

1699                William Reed

1705                John Pickering

1718                Ezra Emmerson

1734                Abraham Smith

1783                Rev. Ashbridge

1786                Thomas Capstick

1804                John Bacon

1827                Robert Thompson

1847                The Hon. Lewis William Denman A.M.

1848                Henry Atkinson

1867                Thomas Ebenezer Lord

1897                James V. Kemp

1914                Robert Ragg

1919               William Hodgson

1934                Ralph Hitchcock

1944                Charles Pattinson (and Hon. Bishop’s Chaplain)

1948               Walter Greenwood

1956                vacant

1959                Henry W. Lee

1964                John Turnbull (rural dean) in charge; John (Jumbo) Wilson, curate 67-69

1969                Arthur Henry Bailey (Harry) McClatchey

1974                M. Alex Whitehead

1980                Nicholas Beddow

1999                Michael Dent

2005                Nicholas Denham

2010                Richard Deimel

From 1969 to 1984 vicars were also the Bishop’s domestic chaplain.

From 1969 to 1997 vicars of Escomb were also vicars of Witton Park.

From 1999 to 2005 the parish of Etherley came under the vicar of Escomb and from 2005 this group of parishes also included Witton-le-Wear and Hamsterley.

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